Mini Flexible Octopus Tripod Phone Holder

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Portable and Flexible Sponge Tripod Octopus Mini Tripod Supports Stand Sponge For Mobile Phone and Camera

* Stop leaving your cherished travel memories up to strangers on the street and invest in this Octopus Flexible Mini Tripod 

* This tripod is ideal for shooting outdoors or on the fly thanks to its lightweight and compact super flexible design

* Wrap it around tree branches, lamp posts, your bike or practically anywhere else you can imagine

* Attachable to most cameras including SLR cameras, compact cameras and action cameras, and even comes with a Universal Mobile Phone holder that suits most common smartphones

* The soft covered legs allow for great grip without damage to delicate surfaces

* Color: Black
* Type: Stand Phone Holder
* Compatible Models: iPhone, SAMSUNG, XIAOMI, ONEPLUS, LG, HTC, Motorola, Camera
* Suitable for phone width: 5.5-8.5cm Smartphone
* The length of legs: 12.5cm
* Size: 185*42*36mm
* Net Weight: 69 g / 2.43 oz

1 x Mini Tripod Stand
1 x Phone Holder