LCD Digital Bike Bicycle Wireless Speedometer Odometer

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LCD Digital Bike Bicycle Cycling Wireless Speedometer Odometer Bike Computer

Ever you think too much cable around bike, very annoying, isn't it? Now you can say goodbye to them, this is wireless and smart bike computer with comprehensive function. It can bring you comfortable riding and record your cycling speed! 

With this bicycle computer Bike Speedometer, you can manage your riding life more scientific and more reasonable.

* The large LCD display guarantees you can read your statistics easily
* Small size, light weight, multi-function: measuring both speed and riding time
* Wireless and waterproof design makes it more convenient and durable
* With bike built in wireless switch ball, sleep when the body vibrating, vibration sensors automatically turn on the ball switch

* Condition: Brand new
* Bike Speedometer Color: Black
* Material : Plastic
* Size: 4.6(L) X 2(W) X 5.1(H)(Approx.)
* Handlebar diameter: 2.5cm

NOTE: It will be disturbed where there is signal.

It can be installed to the folding bicycle.
Probe and magnet must keep 2mm distance

PACKAGE Includes:
1 x LCD Wireless Bike Speedometer
1 x Battery 
1 x Nylon Cable Ties 
1 x Wireless Sensor
1 x Magnet
1 x Manual