Black Survival Paracord Bracelet

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This Survival Paracord Bracelet not only enables you to carry meters of parachute cord easily and comfortably, but the buckle also doubles as a fire starter and a whistle for emergency. It's cool looking wearing on your hand, but also easily unraveled to help in emergency situations. Ideal for camping, hiking, boating, hunting, and more outdoor adventures. 

* Waterproof and rotproof
* With whistle design on the buckle
* Smart decorative authentic weave design
* Unisex design looks good whatever your style

* Condition: Brand New
* Material: Nylon & Plastic
* Color: Black
* Length: 23cm 
* Unravelled Length: 3.2m
* Safe Bearing Capacity: 100kg

PACKAGE Includes:
1 x Paracord Bracelet-Black