Adjustable Knee Support Protection Brace Strap

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Ideal choice for sports lovers. Love sports also love yourself!

This knee brace is designed to provide support and relieve pain in your injured knee. It is designed to absorb impact and provide support during activities such as skiing, running, jumping, cycling and playing football.

Velcro straps allow precise control over the pressure applied to the knee and patella (kneecap)

It can be machine washed as required.

* Always consult a Doctor for diagnosis. 
* Sit or stand with leg straight and thigh relaxed. 
* Place the brace around the knee, paying particular note to the positioning over the knee cap. 
* Fasten behind knee for snug fit. 
* Adjust the Velcro straps until they are firm but comfortable. Do not over tighten. 
* Better not wear overnight or while asleep

* Condition: Brand new
* Colour: As shown in the picture 
* Size (L x W): 60 x 20cm
* Weight: 510g (approx.)

1 x Fully Adjustable Knee Support