33 Pieces GoPro Sports Camera Accessories With Carry Case

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This Super Value 33 Pieces Replacement GoPro Sports Camera Accessories Kit includes parts and mounts for a variety of uses, helpful to expand your mounting options. Alternatively, they can be used as a resource for replacement parts. A MUST HAVE FOR ALL GOPRO LOVERS!!

* Compact and easy to store in backpacks or carry-on luggage
* Get started with your camera in style with basic accessories kit
* Size L case keeps your GoPro and accessories organized and protected
* Elastic mesh pocket provides storage space for cables and other accessories
* High quality EVA interior case features compartments for GoPro camera plus housing/batteries/wifi remote control etc. 

* Condition: Brand New
* Case Size: Approx. 32 x 21 x 7cm
* Compatible with: GoPro Cameras, SJCAM, SJ400, SJ500 
* Accessories Quantities: 33pcs

1x Size L Collection Box 
1x Nylon Hand Belt 
1x B Model Head Strip 
1x A Model Chest Harness
1x Windshield Suction Mount
1x Floating Hand Grip 
1x Insurance Tether Strap 
1x 3-way Pivot Arm Assembly Extension 
1x Waterproof Protect Cap
1x Helmet Strap 
1x Bicycle Clip 
1x Self-portrait Monopod 
1x Bicycle Handlebar/Seatpost Clamp 
1x Long Screw Bolt
1x Short Screw Bolt
1x Wrench 
1x Anti-fog Insert(6pcs)
2x Buckle Basic
2x J-Hook Buckle 
2x Flat Mount with 3M Adhesive Pad
2x Curved Mount with 3M Adhesive Pad
2x Tripod Mount Adapter
1x Short Screw
5x Long Screw